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Pierre Bessé NB

Pierre Bessé

Chairman and CEO

Frédéric Jousse Bessé

Frédéric Jousse

Head of International Operations

Christophe Parizot Bessé

Christophe Parizot

Head of Employee Welfare & Benefits

Remi Bottin Bessé

Rémi Bottin

Head of Synergy & Development

Jean Philippe Pagès

Jean-Philippe Pagès

Head of Industry & Services

Gildas Tual Bessé

Gildas Tual

Head of Marine & Logistics

Estelle Urien

Estelle Urien

Head of Agro-Food Supply

Bertrand Mulot Bessé

Bertrand Mulot

Head of Property Management & Construction

Cyprien Laubin Bessé

Cyprien Laubin

Head of Car Dealers, Trucks and Agricultural Machinery

Caroline Duverger

Caroline Duverger

General Secretary

Valérie Sastre Bessé

Valérie Sastre

Head of Communication

Fabrice Fortier

Fabrice Fortier

Head of Human Resources

Pascal Le Goff Bessé

Pascal Le Goff

Head of Organisation, Digital Development and Technologies

Richard Rouleau

Richard Rouleau

Head of Accounting and Finance

Gilles Alsac Bessé

Gilles Alsac

Head of Legal Affairs and Compliance

Lauriane Pachon Bessé

Lauriane Pachon

Head of Audits