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Our involvement in medical causes


As the forerunner in the digital transformation of medical files, since the 2000s the Institut Curie has possessed one of the greatest medical and scientific databases in France and in Europe in certain fields. With our support, the Institute will be able to take another step forward, thanks to the development of new tools and infrastructures enabling all this medical data to be centralised and analysed through Artificial Intelligence, in the patients’ best interests.  

The purpose behind this is to choose the best therapies possible and to improve protocols and treatments.

In 2019, the « Curie Data Resource » project enabled a research database to see the day, i.e. an infrastructure for centralising different types of data with controlled access, in compliance with GDPR regulations. Processing all this data, not only where high throughput sequencing is concerned but also imaging data, is at the very heart of the Institute’s Data strategy.  All this data forms a valuable asset which works by using an IT infrastructure that is highly efficient and specialised in processing voluminous and complex information. Way above and beyond this infrastructure, the need for software skills to accompany these Data Management projects, in order to make full use of the resources at hand and assist the teams specialised in bioinformatics or imagery in making the best possible use of the solutions provided, has proved indispensable.

For more information, take a look at the Institut Curie site


Institut Curie
Institut Curie


For a great many years now, Bessé has been supporting the development of what was just a medical gamble 20 years ago but which has now become a new class of medicines with revolutionary action mechanisms. Gene therapy or, in other words, using genes to treat diseases, is now on the way to becoming the breakthrough that antibiotics were in the 30s.

For the teams at the Translational Gene Therapy Laboratory for Genetic Diseases, the year 2019 saw tremendous progress made in gene therapy to treat pathologies affecting muscles and the retina.  Several years of work have produced results so convincing that clinical trials have begun in the United States on children suffering from Duchene myopathy and in Nantes on children suffering from genetic eye disease.  The Duchenne myopathy essentially affects young boys, whose life expectancy ranges from 20 and 40 years of age, and causes severely disabling muscular dystrophy …  The initial results are very promising!

The Gene Therapy Laboratory at the university hospital in Nantes that Bessé supports through the Foundation plays an important part in developing new treatments in Europe and in the USA.

For more information, take a look at the Gene Therapy Laboratory site

Thérapie Génique
Thérapie Génique
Thérapie Génique

Our involvement in community causes


Awarded the label « France makes a pledge » in 2014 in the field of social and digital innovation, the 'Agence du Don en Nature' redistributes over 600 000 euros’ worth of brand new basic essentials to their partner organisations every week.

Finding a powerful and effective solution to fight waste while combating material hardship is the challenge set by the 'Agence du Don en Nature'. This association collects unsold everyday items (hygiene products, clothes, cleaning materials…) from roughly one hundred responsible companies and redistributes them to the needy in France, via a digital logistics platform.

In 2019, the 'Agence du Don en Nature' sought support from generous backers to set up its School Depot, the aim of which is to give professional training to 80 people every year so that they can return to employment.  It is in Dourges, in the north of France, on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Eurologistics Campus and was launched in February 2020!

For more information, take a look at the 'Agence du Don en Nature' site


'60 000 REBONDS'

Bessé is keen to support '60 000 Rebonds', an association which helps businessmen/women to step out of isolation after their business has collapsed and bounce back through a new professional project.

Thanks to help from volunteer professional coaches and entrepreneurs in activity, former directors can rebuild their lives, understand what went wrong and set up a new business project.  In the West of France, 108 men and women were assisted by more than 180 volunteers in 2019 and 27 businessmen/women were able to start again through a salaried or entrepreneurial project, after being accompanied for an average of 14 months. This year saw the creation of the « Rebound Observatory » to track the 60 or so people helped since 2012. The association also works on changing the way failure is perceived by regularly running conferences where the entrepreneurs being accompanied can share their experience and the stigma attached to it.

It is vital to change society’s perception of failure, especially business failure.


For more information, take a look at the '60 000 Rebonds' site




The French National Sea Rescue Mission, SNSM, plays a major role in sea rescue. Its 3 missions are rescuing, training and preventing.  

2019 saw a fresh increase in rescue operations, both out at sea and on beaches, thus confirming how important the mission is in the overall picture of safety.  It is a community of men and women volunteers who have decided to give their time and share their skills for other people’s safety, at their own risk and peril, as was tragically brought to light in the accident in Les Sables d’Olonne in June 2019.

This year was marked in a very positive way by a contract being signed last October for designing and building a « New Fleet » of lifeboats with the Couach Shipyard.  The programme aims to replace roughly 140 vessels in the SNSM fleet over a period of 10 years for an amount of around 100 million euros.

SNSM has also launched the DIAL bracelet. Designed by Starck, it is a waterproof tracker incorporating a multi-operator SIM card and a SatNav, to reassure your loved ones and warn them if you run into trouble at sea.


For more information, take a look at the SNSM site




The Belem Foundation was created in 1979 to give new life to the three-masted tall ship, the Belem.  It is a public interest mission which, when moored at the quayside, welcomes on board as many visitors and schoolchildren as possible and enables the largest possible number of would-be sailors to experience life at sea just like in the 19th century but under 21st century safety conditions.  

In a spirit of continuity, the management of the three-master changed hands on 1st December 2019, for, although the Belem Foundation still supervises management of the ship, it entrusts to experts specific skills such as crew management, maintenance, safety concerns and the commercial organisation of port calls. From being run by Compagnie Maritime Nantaise, it is now run by ST Management, based in Mérignac near Bordeaux.

Bessé is a sponsor and a member of the Cercle Nantes Entreprises Belem or the Belem Nantes Business Circle.

Belem 1
Belem 2
Belem 3

Our involvement in sporting events


Far beyond Bessé’s commitment to young talents in its own profession, our commitment extends to supporting the young team of top 49er class sailors made up of Kévin Fischer and Yann Jauvin.
Early in 2018, Kévin Fischer et Yann Jauvin made their debut in the French national team. They were thrilled to be able to join this team and to fly the French flag.

The 2019 season was full of surprises for the Team. 8th place in the World Cup heats in April, 4th place in the World Cup heats in June.  They got off to such a good start in the World Championships in Auckland in December by coming 1st on the very 1st day.  Unfortunately, on the 2nd day, one of the parts on their boat gave way, injuring Kévin and Yann.  Their target of qualifying for the Olympic Games in Tokyo is now out of reach but 2020 still has great things in store for them!

To say nothing of their eagerness to prepare for the 2024 Olympic Games… especially as they will be taking place in France…

As an enthusiastic supporter of this Team, Bessé will be helping them to achieve their goals.


Take a look at the Team's Facebook page



Kevin Fischer
Kevin Fischer 2
Kevin Fischer 3


Bessé has acquired a taste for sailing and has decided to support another champion:  Amélie Grassi.
After qualifying as a jurist at the Panthéon-Assas University, 25-year old Amélie Grassi has been sailing light sailing craft in national and international races since she was a child but she longed to race out on the ocean.  

Her aim over the last 2 years has been to cross the Atlantic single-handed.  On 5th October, after several postponed starts due to bad weather, she entered the La Boulangère Mini Transat on board her 6.50 m Pogo3 yacht called Tyrion, sporting the colours of the childrens’ charity, Action Enfance. She was well prepared for this Mini, especially thanks to Loïck Peyron’s experience, who took her with him on the race for the Sardinha Cup on a Figaro 3.  After a few mishaps, including a broken part when just setting off on leg 2, Amélie finished 8th after a spectacular comeback from 58th place!

Bessé is proud to be a fervent supporter of Amélie’s adventures at sea.


Take a look at Amélie's Facebook page